Pain Management

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Pain Management

Pain/Cramps arise due to (a) contractions in the womb, and (b) dilatation of the cervix. Pain is a normal reaction during an abortion. The brain is the center of the pain, and it manifested in the body. Make sure that the companion stays calm during the process even the women complain about the pain. Here’re some tips for pain management:

  • Lie down or try any comfortable position, use pillow for support if needed
  • Take painkiller to relieve the pain, suggested to take Ibuprofen.
  • Use heating pad or hot water bottle may relieve the cramps.
  • Listen to your favorite music or simply remember beautiful or funny moments.
  • Focus on how to relieve the pain, not the pain itself.
  • If the women in panic, look at her eyes, smiling and try to calm her with touching her hair or holding her hand. For some women, touching may help to release oxytocin which helps against the pain. 
  • Encourage women to talk or do anything that distracts her focus from the pain. Some couple reported watching movies during the procedure may help. Avoid drama, thriller, horror or any movie that elevate your emotions and fears. Remember, additional stress not needed.


How to distinguish normal pain and severe pain?

If women were complaining about pain; but the pain diminished after taking a painkiller, and she can maintain her normal activities without the help of others, e.g., going to the bathroom, eating, walking inside the house, etc. then the pain is a normal pain.

If women complaining about pain;  and the pain not relieved by painkiller, she feels weak, lying on the bed and need help from others to maintain her activity, then the pain is severe pain

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